Branding the man: why men are the next frontier in fashion retail

An informative read! Branding the Man is a must read for anyone interested in men’s fashion Brilliantly captures the world of retailing in the 21st century A thoughtful and practical guide for the global retail community A fascinating deep dive into the psyches of male shoppers… you’ll find yourself saying, ‘So that’s why guys do that!

The twenty-first century man has discovered his
inner peacock ––– and he’s ready to show it off to the world.

Without a doubt, the politics of appearance have changed and men aren’t afraid to strut their newly buffed and bronzed selves. But are retailers ready to serve this new male customer? More importantly, how do men define themselves as men ––– when the very rules of the game demand that men compete with one another in much the same way women do? Branding the Man delivers solid facts on why men are an increasingly important target market for nearly everything.

Author Bertrand Pellegrin offers a provocative peek into the male psyche and reveals to readers what makes a guy buy, and why. Discover why men today are searching for self-expression and doing a whole lot more than just keeping up appearances. Buy the book today and see for yourself why best–selling author and industry guru Paco Underhill calls Branding the Man, "a sharply analytic and practical guide to the modern American man."